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HorseAlarm measures both sweating and how often the mare lays down, two proven indicators for throwing foals or that the horse is not in order. Monitor the condition of the horse and compare current values ​​with recent history. Set the sensitivity of the alarms and adjust them individually to the horse. If the level is higher than the selected limits, the alarm will sound. horseAlarm is both easy to install and to use. The receiver is portable so that it can be used comfortably anywhere in the home.

horseAlarm ™ ensures safer horses during foal or colic shedding.

»Monitoring up to 8 horses at the same time
» Also measures the temperature in the stable
»Company temp . -20˚ to + 50˚C // (IP66)
»Perfect accessory: GSM alarm (calls up to 6 mobile phones when the horseAlarm is activated) Not included.

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